About School

     Allah (SWT) says: "Verily in the Apostle of God you have good example for everyone who looks forward to God and the Last Day." [33:21]

     This verse necessarily requires that the Prophet (s.a.w) should be considered as the role model for the mankind in every aspect of life. Education being a very important sector of our life, must be founded on the principle of the prophetic philosophy. The Prophet (s.a.w.) was the greatest teacher to the humanity. He is reported to have said: "I have been sent only as a teacher." According to the Qur'an, the programme of the Prophetic (s.a.w) mission was to transmit the revelation to the mankind, purification of the humanity and to teach them the Book of Allah (SWT) and Hikmah or wisdom.

Why Al Hekmah International School

Al Hekmah International School offers Cambridge Curriculum Integrated with Islamic Education

  • 01 Hikmah or Wisdom

    The Hikmah or wisdom is nothing except true understanding of nature of human life, the objective behind creation, the duties and responsibilities of the mankind.

  • In Islamic perspective, education should include the programmes for training up the correct recitation and understanding of the Holy Qur’an, proper orientation of the learners towards purification of their belief, character and manners and to imbue them with correct objectives of life.

  • Hikmah or Wisdom and Islamic way of Education can only be obtained through Integrated Education System, which can hardly be attained through the prevailing education system.


Our Vision

     The vision of Al-Hekmah International School is to create a balanced generation of future leaders who are to obtain the mastery over the earth as the vicegerents of Allah (SWT) and as competent global citizens, equipped with academic excellence and moral height capable of leading the nation towards an enlightened future with wisdom and scientific knowledge.

Our Mission

     Our mission is to identify the hidden potentials in every child and preparing them as -

  • All-rounded personalities through applying the Prophetic method of Tazkiyyah (purification of the self) and Islamic method of Tarbiyyah (righteous upbringing) with true patriotism.
  • Persons equipped with necessary life-skills and disciplined in all sphere of their lives.
  • Competent global citizens with IT skills to cope up with modern days' digital world.
  • Holistic individuals with cognitive, emotional, physical and mental fitness.

Our Motto

"Striving for Excellence through Integrated Education"

Our Methodology

  • Helping every child attain their potential, so that they can grow as the leaders of the society and the mankind at large.
  • To provide holistic education through advanced and practical teaching methodologies and behavioural approach, going beyond the traditional education system.
  • Ensuring one-to-one attention to each and every child with motherly affection and topmost attention.
  • To adopt the Prophetic approach of Tazkiyyah and the Islamic system of Tarbiyyah.