Admission Process


     At Al Hekmah International School we seek to ensure that every child who are admitted to the School will attain their full potential so that they can grow as leaders and be happy within the school community. We recognise that it is our duty to embrace diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of diversity, race or religion.

     Basically, two methods are followed regarding Admission at Al Hekmah Internation School. Firstly, interview/verbal assessment is followed for Play Group and written assessment is followed along with interview for Nursery - Year 3.

Admission Criteria


     Appropriate Year Group/Class that a Pupli enters the School is usually determined by their age. The below mentioned Age Group is followed for admission in any Class -

Sl# Age Group Class
1. 3+ Play Group
2. 4+ Nursery
3. 5+ KG
4. 6+ Year 1
5. 7+ Year 2
6. 8+ Year 3

  • Prospective pupil reaches sufficiently good standard in the School's Assessment.
  • Prospective pupil is judged to have sufficient aptitude, commitment and willingness to cope with the pace of learning within the School.

    However, Principal Sir/School Authority may decide to accept the pupil for a different Year Group/Class based on verbal & written assessment.

Application Process


     Application for Admission can be submitted either Physically or Online. The Application Form is available to download from our School Website. For Online submission, please follow link: Application Form. Please, complete the Form and submit the following documents to the School Admission Office -

     Note: You will receive an automatic E-mail Reply on successful submission of Online Application Form.